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            Flashing .CTZ Formatted Tune Files

            Use these steps to flash your vehicle when you’ve received tune files in the .CTZ format. Prior to flashing, your tune must be loaded onto you AutoCal. Learn how to load the tune file here.

            1. Verify that the AutoCal is up-to-date with the current/most recent firmware and configured for the appropriate vehicle using our latest BBX config files/settings. View guide.
            2. Verify that the tune file is loaded onto the AutoCal and that the AutoCal is programmed to use ‘simple menu’. View guide.
            3. Once this has been done, connect the AutoCal to the OBD2 port and turn the key to the ON/RUN position.
            4. When the AutoCal is connected, it should say “Scan Tool”. Scroll down to ‘Tuning Tool’ and press OK.
            5. Scroll down to ‘Program Full’ and press OK.
            6. Scroll down and select the tune file ending in .CTZ then press OK.
            7. If the controller has not been licensed, it will say ‘License ECU Now?’ Press OK to activate VIN license.
            8. The flashing process will now begin and will progress to 100%.
            9. When flashing has reached 100%, the AutoCal screen will display the message, ‘Ignition off now’. Turn the key to the OFF position, and press OK.
            10. Once this has been done, a countdown will begin. When the countdown is complete, the AutoCal will display ‘Program Full’. This indicates that flashing has completed successfully.
            11. You may now disconnect the AutoCal from the OBD2 port and start the vehicle. (Before starting the vehicle make sure than any modifications being done to the vehicle have been completed and vehicle is OK to start).
            Updated: 15 May 2019 11:07 PM
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